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Lark Pro Sleep Coach

Lark Pro Sleep Coach was designed for anyone who wanted a deeper understanding of sleep: what is good, what to watch out for and what to do about it. The goal was interpret the data through the eyes of a sleep expert and to to make the information easy to grasp, action-oriented and fun to look at.

Lark Sleep Journal

After launching Lark, we often heard our customers tell us how they felt our sleep data was wrong. We looked for bugs but found none. When we talked to them, we started to see a pattern. They would say things like: “I felt awful but Lark said I slept well. That can’t be right!”

Customers believe: How I feel = How I slept

This helped prioritize a new feature to give users a place to say how they felt, tag expert-approved sleep factors and write a note.

Mobile Connection Guide

Shortly after launching, we started talking to users. One thing we heard over and over: “I had Bluetooth issues one night. I messed with it for 30-45 minutes, but then just gave up frustrated. I returned it.”

From this, we realized customers are really frustrated when they can’t fix the issue, and not as much about the issue itself. They expect issues to happen but they also expect to be able to fix it quickly. This led us to create a step-by-step connection guide to help our users troubleshoot a problem themselves.

Responsible for content copy and logic, UX, UI and visual design.

Lark Summary Screen

“How do you determine if I slept well or not?”

Lark customers wanted to know the ends and outs of the numbers they were looking at and they wanted to valuate their sleep based on more than one night of data.

Lark Sleep Tracker

The Lark Sleep Tracker mobile app was designed based on insights from interviews with sleep experts and dozens of potential users.

The design emphasized giving users a greater sense of control over their sleep, make sleep information accessible to everyone, and focus on core daily functions instead of data analytics.

Responsible for art direction, product management. UX, UI and visual design completed in collaboration with Theorem Design.

Communication in Small Organizations

A software as a service company approached Unruled Design to uncover the needs of managers in small to medium organizations for a new product offering they were soon to release.

This was the first time they had hired design researchers. They wanted to see needs and use cases for managers in many different verticals, and gave us 2 weeks and a startup budget. Not one to turn down a challenging, our team of three accepted. 

We condensed a 10 week project into 2, recruited 30 managers in 7 verticals, including retail, insurance, healthcare, non-profit, education, travel and financial services. From our interviews, we identified 5 themes and 9 interesting use cases shared across verticals, and mapped out communication flows for all 7 verticals along with key use cases.